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Type of journal and objectives

The Journal of Business Market Management (jbm) is a fully peer reviewed specialized academic journal aiming to create opportunities for novel ideas and theories. Moreover, it focuses on strategies to increase market share, which shall be generated from, and are applicable to business-to-business markets. Experts shall be given the chance to deliver mechanisms to explain a research area that has not yet been sufficiently explored. Further, the journal seeks alternative and critical perspectives on business-to-business related topics.


History and background of the journal

The jbm was launched on the occasion of the 1st International Conference on Business Market Management in 2006 in Berlin. Since 2012 jbm operates as an Open Access Journal. Find the contents of the jbm-issues from 2007-2010 at Springer Link.

As business-to-business markets have gained significance considering their growth and productivity rates worldwide in the past decades, this sector with its increasing international and electronic commerce has become more important and promising than ever before. The developmental trends in business-to-business markets provide excellent prospects for academics. There are many opportunities for scholars who want to meet the ambitious challenge to not only identify systematic patterns on business-to-business markets but to also achieve a more sophisticated understanding of relevant influential factors and develop theory-based models for a successful management. For these scholars, the jbm offers a platform to exchange ideas and challenge existing ways of thinking.


Structure of the journal

In order to offer a broad scope of scholarly work, the jbm comprises four sections with different foci:

jbm Classics

Within this section, the jbm is looking for rigorous research papers addressing a research question of high relevance in business-to-business marketing that may have a managerial focus.

Thought Leadership

In this section, the journal looks for well-argued, controversial challenges to the B2B marketing field. Here, paradoxes and dilemmas as well as major trends which challenge our current thinking substantially can be addressed. Typically, thought leadership pieces are “non-testable” (as they otherwise could be presented in a normal journal paper). The purpose of this section is to set the stage for new topics.

Replications and Extensions

The jbm aims to advance B2B science by offering a platform for replicating studies and partially extending models. The replication studies may be submitted in a rather short format of less than 30-40 pages, in order to also be used for educational purposes.

Case Studies and Methodologies

This section solely aims to cater educational needs and offers innovative case studies and papers discussing research methodologies. The case studies are published in a 5 to 10 page format and include a teaching note to guide the lecture. The method papers should target well-proven methods which have a great potential in B2B marketing research but have not been applied widely in B2B marketing research. Papers should present the method logic (what is tested and how), data and process requirements (what do one need to do), present quality requirements (how can fit/reliability/validity/quality be documented), and an application.

Moreover, the jbm continues to publish special issues on a variety of topics and events. The calls for papers are announced in the “Announcement” section of the jbm website.


Target audience and authors

The jbm’s target audience includes marketing and business educators and students as well as practioners and other groups and individuals interested in the wide range of topics related to business-to-business marketing.

The journal serves as outlet for international scholars and practitioners that wish to contribute to a diverse discussion to advance B2B marketing. All authors are welcome to publish in any of the four journal sections, jbm Classics, Thought Leadership, Replications and Extensions and Case Studies and Methodologies. Please indicate, which section is most suitable to your work.

The jbm is looking for submissions that are relevant to business-to-business marketing, that have an interesting perspective and apply high conceptual and methodological rigor. Further, the journal aims to publish articles written in a clear, logical and concise style of writing. If English is not your native language, we advise to use the services of a copy-editor.

All submissions are subject to a double-blind review process.

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